10 Reasons Why You Are Better Off Self-Employed

Sometimes, it is hard to see past the negatives. So often, people can let a few bad issues spoil an otherwise fantastic situation. This affects all aspects of our lives, and work is no different.

For the self-employed, this seems to be the case more than it is for others. A difficult client here and there can make us question just whether or not we are better off self-employed. You quickly forget all the reasons you went off on your own in the first place and all the benefits you have now you are working for yourself. If this sounds like you, take a moment to remind yourself of all the things you would be missing out on by giving up on self-employment.

1. Being your own boss

It is the obvious reason, but it is the biggest reason. Every moment you have had where you feel you are better off self-employed is in some part due to the fact that you can do what you want. No more manager looming over your head and checking on your work; no more restrictions on the work you want to produce. Just you, making decisions that benefit you and help you enjoy a working life that suits you. Why would you ever give that up?

2. Working when it suits you

Working for others means being stuck with their schedules.

Some people are morning people. Some people get up at the very earliest light and are ready to rock straight away. And some people view their alarm clocks and the dawn chorus with varying degrees of utter hatred.

Both of these groups are much better off self-employed. Early risers can start their work with the sunrise, having most of their jobs done before others have even hit snooze on their alarm clocks. Night-owls can work long into the night knowing they can sleep away the harsh mornings.

You also work the days you want. If you have things you would rather be doing on a Wednesday, then you don’t have to work on Wednesdays. Simple as that. You work the week that is most convenient to you. Going back to working for others means being stuck with their schedules.

3. Extra money in your wallet

If you work for yourself you can set your own rates, and that means you are likely to be earning more than you would working for someone else. In fact, you could well be earning double as a freelancer than as an employee, making you much better off self-employed.

Couple that with savings on lunch bought from the high street, travel costs to and from the office and money redeemed on tax returns for utilities and necessary work tools and you have probably been feeling much better off self-employed

4. A life free of commuting

As well as saving money, you have doubtless been saving time travelling to and from a traditional workplace. The average commute is approximately an hour each day. An hour spent either stuck in traffic or on a crowded train. Even if you rent office space instead of working from home, you are bound to find something within much closer proximity. This is a prime example of how much better off self-employed workers are.

5. Peace and quiet

… or as much noise as you want to make. The important point is that people will work better in different environments whatever you prefer, you are better off self-employed. If you like the quiet, you avoid the chatter and drama of co-workers around the office. If you can’t get on without the sound of Death Metal pounding your ears, you are free to turn it up to 11 as much as you please.

6. The office of your dreams

Assuming you are in your office right now, take a look around. Pretty nice set up, right? Now imagine the office some company has set up for you. Do you think it would be anything like what you have now?

The freedom to give yourself a wall-sized whiteboard right next to your desk or to keep a coffee machine right next to your many-monitored computer is a huge reason why you are better off self-employed. Decorate and accessorise to your heart’s content. There will be nothing holding you back from the perfect working environment.

7. Quick fixes and resupplies

When you are just a cog in a machine, you have to rely on the rest of the machine working to your speed. If you are stuck with a broken PC or are out of ink in the photocopier, you can only sit and wait as the office administration processes your request. And who knows how long that will take.

You are much better off self-employed and free to run to the shops to pick up the things you need or fix that key device as soon as the issue raises its head. No more wasted time and no more frustration at the office around you. How much better does that sound?

8. Not fighting to get time off

Need a quick, impromptu holiday? Is a major event happening at short notice? Or, are you just feeling the flu coming on? Isn’t it a good thing you are self-employed and can just take that time off with no fuss?

As part of a company, just taking a day off for a wedding can be next to impossible. You need to jump through hoops and at the end you are made to feel guilty for letting down your colleagues and employees. It is your time and your life. Why should you put up with all that trouble?

You may have to face not getting paid for holiday leave, but that is an easy price to pay for having the freedom to work to your own schedule.

9. Setting your own limitations

When you are part of an office team, you are often given a set of instructions and a list of tasks to do with no room for variation and practicing other skills. On the one hand, this helps keep work simple. On the other, though, it is dull and uninspiring.

But, when you are self-employed, you do what you want to do. If you fancy a challenge, you can learn a new skill and take on different work. You can move into different fields of work and you can change your specialism as and when you feel like it. This freedom to be flexible makes you much better off self-employed.

On the other hand, you are also not forced to take on work that you do not want. If a client asks too much, or too little, you can just say no. This is definitely a freedom you wont have working for someone else.

10. Enjoying your life

There is always something to complain about with your working life, but I’m fairly sure you would find much more when working for someone else. Being self-employed allows you to do the work you want and, whilst it won’t always be a dream, it will definitely feel more rewarding over all. You have greater control on sharing time between work and play and set more meaningful goals and rewards for meeting them. You see success straight away and never wonder just what you are getting out of this. All of your time is spent making your life better. Why would you give that up to help someone else?