About Us

Dedicated to helping you and your business succeed, iThrive is managed and staffed by a group of committed professionals with an exceptional range of skills and business experience.

iThrive was conceived by Les Bailey a successful business owner and former Managing Director of Accenture. Throughout a career that has included (and still includes) working with some of the largest companies in the world, Les discovered that the global market leaders in every industry use similar skills and techniques to stay ahead of their smaller competitors.

Conversely, at the other end of the spectrum, UK government statistics from the 2012 Business and Innovation and Skills survey revealed that 50% of small business start-ups failed within 5 years. Looking specifically at small and medium enterprises (SMEs) here are some worrying facts:

  • Only 72% of SMEs made a profit;
  • Only 29% grew their turnover year-on-year; and
  • 9% expected their business to close within 5 years

There are similar statistics in most major countries, because the majority of small business owners are experts at the skills required for their trade or profession but have had no formal business training.

Large organisations can afford expensive consulting expertise and guidance, and also make significant investment in learning and development. Until now, 99% of small businesses have not been able to access the same level of training and guidance.

The iThrive mission is to bring business skills and techniques to small business owners and professionals in an affordable way.

Our Beliefs

There are three strong beliefs that unite and guide the iThrive team:

  1. Successful business owners and professionals are made, not born. Anyone can learn to grow their business if they are willing to learn and implement new skills, techniques and tools.
  2. Marketing methods evolve constantly in the digital world we now live in, but business fundamentals do not change.
  3. Neither the economy nor the state of a particular industry or profession dictates success. People do.

Our first programme

In the Small Business Multiplier programme, business owners are taught a unique combination of tools, techniques and skills, to help them create measurable business growth within 6 months.

The programme is accessible to anyone and represents a proven step-by-step process. The easily affordable monthly subscription approach brings the programme within the reach of small business owners.

If you are ready to find out how the Small Business Multiplier can change your business, and your life, click the button below to download a free copy of the programme overview.

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