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Business Advice In UK - You’ve Rebranded. Now What?

Business advice in UK is reliable and useful. It can help, for example, after a rebranding exercise. Sometimes, rebranding is needed to keep your company image fresh and interesting, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. What should you do, though, once you’ve decided on a new look?

After you have decided that your small business needs to be rebranded and have changed your logo, lettering, colours and so on, it’s a good idea to do something special with it. Suddenly changing overnight and surprising everyone – new and potential customers included as well as old ones – might not be good for your sales. A sudden change could put people off from visiting as they could wonder whether anything else has altered, such as the service, products or staff. They might even think that the business has been sold, or that it’s an entirely new one altogether. Instead, you should use the rebranding as an opportunity to remind old customers of who you are and to entice new customers on board. Small business advice UK wide would suggest that you offer a rebranding discount, for example; perhaps in the first 24 to 48 hours after your new look is unveiled, you might offer money off your products and services. This will smooth things over with your customers. You could also contact local press and let them know you are rebranding; they may want to know more and run a feature. Even if they don’t, you could still use the opening to advertise the change. How to be successful in business is always about maximising the opportunities available to you.

Changing your brand image and implementing the new one are big steps and should be considered properly before being undertaken. If you think you’d benefit from training and business advice in UK on this and other matters, contact I-Thrive’s excellent team on 01223 967260, or visit