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Avoiding Death By PowerPoint

Avoiding Death By PowerPoint

For those wondering how to be successful in business, one of the most crucial and understated keys is the ability to pitch clients at short notice. However, many small business owners can struggle to craft engaging presentations. Ever heard of the term ‘death by PowerPoint’? Learning how to avoid this can be extremely important for those looking for help with small business presentations.

But what do we mean by ‘death by PowerPoint’? Well, this refers to the overuse of PowerPoint software in presentations. People have become used to much of the default text and formatting offered by PowerPoint, and are bored by how this software has become associated with every presentation over the past decade. This can lead to an audience becoming instantly bored by the sight of any sort of PowerPoint presentation. So what can you do to avoid this? Thankfully, we’re here to offer help for small business owners in order to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’. First of all, ask yourself this key question: do you need slides for a particular presentation? Many are now beginning to question the need for slides. Often, we create them by default because we think that without them, our presentation will fail. But how often do you hear about clients being won over by presentation slides? It is the speaker and the people involved who win deals. Alternatively, there are other visuals and approaches you can take during a presentation. Physical models or papers can be passed around the room to help fill that visual void, or you can even use whiteboards and flipcharts. These different approaches to presentations help with small business owners in particular as they will likely not have the resources to make a truly outstanding presentation on PowerPoint. So don’t PowerPoint out of necessity; think about standing out from competitors.

Coming back to whiteboards and flipcharts, they can actually be really important vessels to carry your message to an audience. With PowerPoint presentations, we often see complicated graphs appear on-screen before the speaker explains what we are seeing. But if you take a pen and draw that diagram yourself, talking through each part of it, you can help create interest in the story you are trying to tell. It also allows you to inject personality into the diagram. There’s no need for the lines to be uniform and the text to be ‘perfect’ looking. Uniqueness garners interest. That being said, we’re not saying that a PowerPoint presentation is an inherently bad thing. But if you want to make your business grow, you need to have an arsenal of tools in your skillset. The ability to sparsely and artfully use presentation slides is important. Ask yourself: do I need a slide here? Does it need to be packed with information, or can it just include a few small keywords? So minimise text; maximise graphics and pictures. Those offering small business advice UK wide will always talk about the importance of presentation aids, but keep in mind not to overdo it.

While you want to cut down your reliance on PowerPoint, you will want to make sure that you develop your public speaking skills. This is an important part of how to make a successful business. Thankfully, there are many online courses that can help with small business matters such as the way to produce presentations and the art of public speaking.