Free resources for small businesses

Too often, the world of business tells us that the best things in life don’t come free. Getting support and resources to help improve business can involve some serious investment, but not everything needs to make a dent in your finances! The free small business resources in the following list all provide support to you as a business owner. Best of all, they won’t cost you a thing.

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Continuous improvement in business

In this article, I’m going to tell you exactly what it is that sets the most successful small businesses apart from everyone else. It’s really very simple.

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OKRs: A Process That Built Google

This technique can be used in any business.
This article is about one of the most powerful techniques for ensuring that your business keeps developing and moving forward.

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Successful Business Owners Are Made, NOT Born

Successful business owners aren’t different to anyone else, and there’s no reason you can’t replicate their success. Read More

Small business valuation: estimate the value in 30 minutes

You invest hundreds of hours every month in running your business. One of the best things about that is the idea that you’re building something. For that reason, it’s great to be able to estimate how much your business is worth.

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