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Although most business owners are experts at the day to day work of their business, they may not know how to find potential clients and promote their business effectively. In our online course, The Small Business Multiplier, you’ll learn about:

  • Marketing your business – how to identify potential clients and attract them to your business! We give you marketing ideas that you can put to work immediately
  • Making your business more profitable – how to make your existing customers spend more money, and buy your products or services more often
  • How to improve your business – how to reduce your business costs and develop the business skills you need to make great decisions

You can try the course for free – just click below to download the free overview and start learning how to get more clients:

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The Small Business Multiplier is a proven system for improving your business, building your management skills, and attracting more customers.

We could tell you about it all day, but we’d prefer to let you try it for free! To download an overview of the course, click the button below:

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Dilys Day, BSc (Hons), MIC, MCIM

As a business advisor, I know that a personal approach is often the best way to help people. Having seen this programme though, I was totally engaged. It’s like having your own advisor on your PC with clear, honest, advice. I don’t want to do myself out of a job, but I love it!

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Helen Durrant, Socially Savvy.

The insights the programme has given me into making my business work better have been amazing. I am already making changes and seeing the benefits.

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