Getting Testimonials From Your Clients

One thing that can land you a huge dose of positive perception is getting testimonials to promote on your business materials and website. Being able to showcase real customer and client feedback to potential new customers is a much more reliable method of persuasion than any message you can create yourself. Collecting feedback is an important aspect of successful business that we have covered before. You may find this feedback is perfect for getting testimonials. Making sure you are picking out the statements that most effectively strengthen your business is the real trick. Just putting up any good review is unlikely to land you much success. Getting testimonials that have substance and purpose is vital to most effectively marketing in this way. So, always bear in mind the following:  

Detail is vital

Obviously, a good review is good news. But, if you are choosing to showcase customer feedback as a company testimonial, you need to ensure it has the substance to be believable. Plain statements like, “What a good service,” are unlikely to impress anyone and can seem insincere. By choosing a statement that clearly explains what was so good about your service, you help to answer possible questions of future customers as well as highlight how well you did for that customer. This is the trick to getting testimonials that work for you. Choose examples based on the level of detail. If you are getting testimonials using a questionnaire then ensure you include the relevant question along with the feedback. This makes the context absolutely clear and may answer questions the potential customer may have had in advance.  

Objections shouldn’t be feared

You should never worry about getting testimonials that mention troubles with your service. If a customer has mentioned a difficulty with your product and service but gone on to explain how your company worked to rectify this, new customers will take this positively. Seeing that your company is proactive in helping customers and working around problems will show off the integrity of your company and will help build that early trust in your brand that encourages return business. Problems can happen with any company. Customers are aware of this and will not just dismiss you out of hand for that. Showing versatility in reacting to trouble is just as positive to customers as straight praise.  

Make sure the customer is the story

You should already have enough marketing that promotes the qualities of the product or service you are advertising. You need a different approach when getting testimonials. You should be showing off the benefits that customers have experienced as a result of using your product. Work on getting testimonials that detail customer success rather than product capabilities. Hearing how a customer is now much better off because of trusting in your product or service adds that extra context to each testimonial. New customers can apply the successes to their own lives and envisage just how buying your product might work for them. This is clear evidence of your product at work and will be much more convincing than simply listing features with no clear idea how that can help your customers.  

Where do you go about getting testimonials, then?

  Luckily, the internet has created many new ways of getting testimonials for your marketing material. Your social media sites will be a clear place to start. Many people will take to Facebook after a notable experience with a business. You may just find the perfect example on your comment wall. Likewise, Google has become a key part of how customers will decide on a purchase. We mentioned the benefits of Google MyBusiness in a previous blog, and it will certainly help you out here. Your business will receive reviews on Google which will, of course, be great news for your MyBusiness profile on Google. These reviews may, also, be perfect for your testimonials page. So, keep on top of your Google feedback. Of course, there are still methods from before the days of the internet that will help you out with getting testimonials. Customer feedback surveys can provide fantastic quotes for testimonials. Send questionnaires to both previous and existing clients asking for views on particular aspects of your business. You can also just outright ask for a testimonial. You can’t guarantee a response every time, but you should get enough to make a good public impression. Getting testimonials may not seem all that important, but there is no better endorsement than those of your previous customers. Putting the right feedback out for the public to see will be well worth the effort when you are seeing those customer numbers improve. Let people know exactly what your business is about.