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Help For Small Business UK - What Is the Most Successful UK Company Of All Time?

Help for small business UK wide can make a good business into a great one. Receiving the best advice means that business owners can have the information they need to expand and grow and become successful. It is always good to look at how others have become successful and learn from their stories.

There are many UK entrepreneurs that small business owners can look up to and perhaps even try to emulate. Perhaps the most well-known of them all is Sir Richard Branson. He knows exactly how to be successful in business, having built up the Virgin empire from nothing. He has bought and sold a number of companies and always seems ultimately to do well – he is renowned for his business expertise. But there are other UK business owners who are just as intrepid and just as good at business, even if the names might be either surprising or unknown. Justin Matthew is the owner of JMH Consulting Ltd, and is a social media pioneer – he is another successful businessman. Pete Cashmore also ranks as one of the UK’s most successful business owners. He owns and runs Mashable, a multimedia and entertainment platform. Then there is Saul Klein, founder of LocalGlobe which is a British venture capital company. And what about Michael Acton Smith who is the founder of Mind Candy, a children’s entertainment company that created Moshi Monsters? The one thing all of these people undoubtedly have in common is that they will have asked for small business advice UK when they needed it. Why don’t you do the same?

To become as successful as these British entrepreneurs, it is important to ask for help for small business UK wide if and when you need it. Contact I-Thrive ( on 01223 967260 for details of our training packages – with our expertise and dedication, we can help.