Help For Small Business

Help For Small Business - Could A Grant Help Your Small Business Grow?

Help for small business can come in many different forms, and one of those forms is taking advantage of grants offered by the government. Is this something that could help you, and if so do you qualify? There are lots of different grants available, but they may not all be suitable for you and your business.

There are over 80 different government grants available to SMEs, each one with a different set of criteria and a different amount of money attached. So what are the questions that you need to ask in order to find out whether you qualify for this help for small businesses? The first is your location. This helps to work out which government office will deal with your application. You will then need to ascertain which sector you work in. It could be the food and drink industry, clothing, baby products, business services, transport or anything else. It is important to know because this will affect the funding on offer. It is often said that diversifying is how to be successful in business, but in this case you will often need to narrow your sector down to one. Next, how big is your business? Is it micro (less than nine employees), small (less than 50 employees) or medium (less than 250 employees)? Are you a sole trader, a limited company or a partnership? What type of support is it that you are looking for from the grant you are applying for – is it for research and development, for instance? These are important questions that help define which of the many grants on offer you should apply for.

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