Help For Small Businesses UK

Help For Small Businesses UK - Is Your Business Bank Account Working For You?

Help for small businesses UK wide is essential. It is difficult to go it alone and speaking to experts can allay fears and put you on the right track. An important part of running your small business is to get the right business bank account. What should you be looking for?

Many small business owners open a business account at their own personal bank when they set up, and never review that decision. The truth is that business bank accounts are many and varied, and each one has advantages over others. Not all of them will be right for your business, especially as it develops. Knowing how to be successful in business is about evaluating what’s best for your own company’s circumstances and future plans. Therefore, don’t stick with the same bank account forever – review your decision and the terms and conditions regularly. Does your bank offer an additional savings account linked to your bank account with a reasonable rate of interest? How about a business overdraft? It could come in handy if you have late-paying customers; though of course, it shouldn’t be relied on in the long term. If you feel one would be useful, make very sure of the terms being offered. How big an overdraft is permissible and how much interest will you be paying if you dip into it from time to time? Another question to ask before moving your business account is whether you will have access to a dedicated small business advisor to offer you small business advice UK; will they be contactable at any time?

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