Helping Small Business

Helping Small Business - What Are The Best Ways To Increase Your Profit Margins?

Helping small business growth can be a difficult job sometimes, as it’s tricky knowing where to start. There are so many factors and variables. One way is to find out more about increasing your profit margins. The right profit margins can mean the difference between a successful business and a failing one.

Profit margins are what is left after you take away all the expenses and costs that go into producing and delivering an item to your customers from your sales figures. The resulting number – usually shown as a percentage – is the profit margin of that item. Getting your profit margins right is how to be successful in business. But every now and then, your profit margins will need to be increased. It could be that your supplier has put up their prices, or that your rent has gone up. Anything that means you are paying out more will need to be reflected in your products – the prices (and therefore profit margins) will need to be increased too. It can be difficult to work out how to do this without alienating your customers, but there is help for small businesses. Simply putting up your prices without warning can indeed put customers off, and it might be possible to do it slowly, over time, increasing a little at a time. If that won’t work for you and the prices need to rise straight away, why not run a flash sale first? It may sound strange to lower prices before increasing them again, but this will remove any old stock and give you the opportunity to re-stock at different prices.

If your profit margins aren’t right and you need some good advice, ask the experts. Ask I-Thrive. Our team has been helping small business for many years and we run training that will impart that knowledge to you. Call us on 01223 967260 or contact us through our website ( for more information.