How To Be Successful In Business

How Can I Make My Business Successful - Should I Go Into Importing And Exporting?

How can I make my business successful? It sounds like a sensible and simple enough question, but when it comes time to answer it, it isn’t as easy as first thought. Just what is it that makes a business successful? Have you considered moving into importing and exporting? Would that help or hinder?

If you currently own and run a small business that deals only in domestic sales and purchases, you may already know how to be successful in business. You may not want to add any more revenue streams, and you may not need to. But if you do want to expand, you may want to think about branching out into import and export. This kind of expansion takes a lot of organising, but it can be done and it is a good way to grow your small business. You don’t need previous experience of import and export work. However, you will need to check with HMRC about the taxes and financial implications as they are different for importing and exporting and dealing with domestic products. If you want to know how to make a successful business, you need to ensure you pay the correct taxes. It is fairly easy to begin in this field once you have worked out the tax details – search the Internet for suppliers looking to sell their products abroad. Would the products match the kind of thing you already sell? If so, they could complement your range, and would possibly even be unique to you if you can work out an exclusive deal.

Whether importing, exporting or selling domestic products at home, you will inevitably want to know the answer to the question, ‘how can I make my business successful?’ I-Thrive can answer that for you by offering excellent expert training honed from our decades of experience. Contact us on 01223 967260 or visit our website ( for more details.