How To Grow A Business

How to Grow A Business - Sourcing Useful Materials

How to grow a business is a key question for business leaders, whether they operate an SME or multinational firm. There is a huge volume of advice and information in print and online written by a host of different people claiming to tell you the secrets of how to be successful in business. However, it can be difficult to access reliable tips and advice which actually tell you how to achieve success. There is a lot of, at best, poor information out there as well; so how does a small business owner with limited resources differentiate between reliable and effective information and poor quality resources?

Features Of Good Guides On How To Be Successful In Business

Putting 'how to grow a business' into a well-known search engine returns about 630 million results, with information from individuals and organisations as diverse as the UK government and US small business administration to individual bloggers and business gurus. How, then, is a small business leader supposed to know which of these is a reliable guide? Which will lay out tried and tested steps that will allow the development of a plan capable of working to grow your business? What are the characteristics of good, informative articles which will really help you develop your SME in today's world markets? First, let’s consider some articles that any aspiring entrepreneur should avoid. Steer well clear of anything that claims to enable you to make your fortune in mere weeks or months. Making money from a small business is rarely as easy as that. To succeed, you need to carefully build the business, thinking strategically about how best to proceed at every stage. Research has shown that there are several skills common to successful business leaders, regardless of the sector they operate in. Indeed, some famous serial entrepreneurs have had success in a number of wildly different industry sectors. Resources which will successfully show you how to make a successful business will concentrate on developing those generic business skills which are the key to the development of any business. It has been proven, time and again, that the success of any company is down to the passion, commitment and skills of the people involved in its activities.

Reliable Resources To Help Your Business Grow

So far, then, we've advocated eschewing articles, tips and advice on what can best be described as 'get rich quick’ schemes. We've also implied you should avoid anything that is too specific to any single business sector. After all, you are probably already an expert in your own market. We have advocated that you look for information that develops general business skills to help your business grow. What other indicators should you look for? Well, the reputation, knowledge, skills and experience of the author is a positive indicator. An author who has a proven track record in business, experience of working in many sectors and with a wide variety of large and small businesses will most likely produce the best tips and advice about ways to make your business grow. Also, the make-up and reputation of the group, association or company offering the advice is important. Look for a company that similarly has a wide range of experience, knowledge, skills and networking in the business world and contains staff that are committed to helping you. Finally, think about the format that you want the advice in. Do you want an off-site course where you need to leave your business? A book that takes time to read through, marking up the relevant sections? Or is an interactive, online format which you can use when you have a few spare minutes, and work through at your own pace, more suited to your situation? If this last scenario is the one that appeals, why not look at materials produced by I-Thrive?

Expert Advice On How To Grow A Business Available From I-Thrive

At I-Thrive, we tick all the boxes. We are a group of business professionals with a huge range of business skills and years of experience. We are committed to providing 5-star advice on how to grow a business. Our eagerly anticipated course, the Small Business Multiplier, is written by an author with an international reputation and extensive business experience. It is firmly focused on how to be successful in business, but is applicable to any sector. Contact our friendly support team online or by phone on 01223 967260. You can also view details of this course online at, where you can download a free course outline.