Small Business Multiplier Module 1: Getting Started

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This page allows you to preview Module 1 of the Small business multiplier, which is all about assessing what your business is like right now. This helps you to understand your opportunities for growth and begins to build the all-important mindsets that will help you to get the most out of the course.

The module video is shown below, and below that a link to a preview version of the module PDF. If you have any questions about this preview, click here to get in touch via our contact page.

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Hello. I’m Les Bailey.

A question for you – what do you want to achieve with your business?

Wealth perhaps, making some REAL money for you and your family.

Which is why I’ve created the Small Business Multiplier – a programme that I guarantee will deliver the success that you deserve.

It will enable you to DOUBLE, even TRIPLE the size and profitability of your business by out-marketing and out-selling your competitors.

And you can do it in any market conditions.

This is a short video in which I’m trying to provide you with enough information so that you can decide whether or not it’s worth you joining the programme. You need to believe that, currently, there are some knowledge and skill gaps in your business make up that prevent you from realising the full potential of your business.

You will also need to believe that we can deliver the skills and tools that you need to accelerate business growth.

So why can we?

Because I have a track record of success in growing businesses.

With a colleague I was able to build a business that I sold to a global giant for millions.

You can do the same.

One thing I’ve learnt over 35 years — successful business people are made, not born.

The tools and techniques you need can be learned – that’s provided you have the discipline to learn and implement new things.

A couple of questions: are you, right now, enjoying the business success you set out to achieve?

Is your business giving you everything you hoped for?

Or, as with so many people, is it taking more than it’s giving? Is it dominating your life?

At the end of this short video, I want you to remember just three things:

  1. That there is something called the Small Business Syndrome – and it’s the reason why most small businesses FAIL to grow.
  2. That there are four – and only four – levers that you need to grow your business – but you must use them all.
  3. That neither the economy, nor the state of your industry dictate your success. Quite simply: you do.
  4. In 35 years I’ve worked with some of the most successful business leaders on the planet.

    I want you to share what I have learnt in that time.

    I want you to enjoy the success, freedom and lifestyle that I and my family now enjoy – and enable you to experience the success you deserve.

    I’ve created success for myself, and delivered it to others.

    Now it’s your turn to benefit.