Small Business Multiplier – Module 15: Reason or Random?

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Hi, and welcome to module 15.

In the last module we looked at how you can make a favourable first impression, deliberately, every time.

Nowhere is this more important that when you start to look at your marketplace and start to engage with new prospective clients or customers.

In the next module I will share techniques for making the best out of any first ‘prospecting’ conversation… but before that ‘first things first’.

When I say ‘first things first’, I want you to pause and reflect on exactly which prospects you are targeting… and why.

You see, I come across lots of business owners and sales people that regard prospecting as a numbers game. It’s just a random exercise that involves a lot of time – and typically not a great success rate.

Often, people tell me that they don’t have a lot of time for prospecting for new business. Therefore it makes complete sense to me that the approach should be very well thought through and based soundly on logic.

In this module I’ll explain the benefits of a structured approach to prioritising your prospects, and give you a simple tool that will help you decide where best to invest your time.

Top performers in sales, and in business generally, have a clearly thought out approach to defining exactly what a good prospect looks like.

Let me share this with you as we get into this module, and you’ll be much more decisive and effective as a result.