Small Business Multiplier – Module 16: Interrupt AND Engage

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Hello, and welcome back.

Having introduced you to some universal principles and best practices at the start of the last module, we moved on and looked at how you can effectively target your best prospects.

I asked you to create a list of your best prospects by evaluating the value to you on a number of criteria. That exercise alone should have enabled you to prioritise your list and see where you should invest your valuable time.

So we’re now clear on why we want to target these priority prospects – and that’s where people with average or below average sales skills can go way off target.

You see, we know why we want to approach them. We have a product, service or solution in mind. If we’re not careful, we’ll lapse into an ‘us centric’ approach that focuses on what we can provide – and that can be costly.

Instead, we need to focus things from their perspective. We need to understand what problems they want to resolve or what results they need to generate by engaging with us, or one or more of our competitors.

In this module, I want to focus on how we can effectively engage our prospects when we have our very first conversation with them – right down to the actual words that come out of your mouth.

Just like all of the materials and sales skills we teach here, this is all learnable, provided you have the right approach and are willing to practice new skills.

Let’s get into the workbook, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.