Small Business Multiplier – Module 17: It’s All About Them!

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Hello, and welcome to module 17.

So, you’ve identified your best prospects and ranked them in priority to decide where you should invest your valuable time.

You’ve engaged with them to test their interest in speaking with you further and they have agreed to a further meeting, call, or other interaction.

Now what?

How can you ensure that you engage them in a great conversation, where they are prepared to share with you their problems and opportunities… willingly.

There are some proven techniques that can change the dynamics of your sales conversations, if you remain client or customer focused, and in conscious awareness.

In this module, we’ll talk about how you can learn and follow a straightforward conversation ‘road map’ that will keep you on the ‘straight and narrow’, keep you focused on understanding your prospects needs first, and then allowing you to satisfy those needs better than your competitors.

Once you have mastered this, and practised the approach consistently, it will become second nature and you’ll set yourself aside from your competition.