Small Business Multiplier – Module 18: Secrets from the Top 5% of Salespeople

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Hi, welcome back, and to module 18.

I have called this module ‘qualify and advance’ in order to focus on the activities that need to happen, and the conditions that need to be in place, before you make a proposal, presentation, or offer to a prospective client or customer.

I consult with sales teams and sales leaders all over the world, and a common failing or weakness is the tendency to move too quickly to submit a proposal, without being absolutely sure that:

  • The prospect has shared their needs, challenges and desired results fully and openly – so that we really understand them;
  • We understand their decision making process;
  • The prospect has set aside the necessary budget and earmarked any other resources required;
  • Timeframes are realistic for both parties;
  • We are confident that we can provide a solution, product, or service that closely meets their needs; and
  • We understand the competitive nature of the opportunity, so if we are in competition, who are we competing with?

Failure to have a robust process in place to ensure we are investing in those sales opportunities with the biggest chances of success, those that are winnable, means that we’ll waste valuable time on poor opportunities.

Armed with the conversation roadmap from the last module and the simple checklist in this module, I know that you’ll be more discerning about which opportunities to keep pursuing… and which ones to drop like a hot potato.