Small Business Multiplier – Module 19: Enable Your Prospects and Clients to Make Decisions

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Hello, and welcome to module 19.

I was on a coaching call earlier today with one of the sales leaders of a global organisation where I am coaching an entire leadership team. She was frustrated as she and her team seem to have hit a rough patch, where deals were getting stuck and going nowhere.

She told me she was experiencing indecision with her sales prospects, and even worse, many had gone to ground and were not responding to calls or emails from her and her team.

This is one of the most common frustrations with anybody in front-line sales and leads to a sales funnel or sales pipeline that seems to be blocked by deals or opportunities that are going nowhere fast.

It is often characterised by meeting that end up with the prospective client or customer saying “We’ll get back to you,” “We’ll be in touch,” “We need to think about it…” or something similar.

Did you know you can stop that happening?


On purpose.

You just need to have the right mind-set and know how to change all of your client interactions to decision making meetings, discussions or calls.

Here’s the simple key to success… In any sales pursuit, progress only happens when a prospective customer or clients makes a decision.

Getting decisions = momentum.

Let’s get started, and I’ll show you how and give you a tool to help you every time you engage with a prospect.