Small Business Multiplier – Module 21: The Power of 5 – How to Set Up Any Meeting For Success

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Hello, and welcome to module 21.

I was reviewing a client sales call with one of my coaching clients last week and she told me that an important client meeting seemed to quickly get off to a bad start. She said:

“Les, I knew within 3-4 minutes that the meeting was headed in the wrong direction. It was if we had each come with a totally different view of the reason for the meeting. It started ‘ugly’, and it just got uglier.”

Does that ring any bells for you?

I see it all the time and it’s one of the things that most frustrates prospective clients or customers when dealing with sales people or service providers.

With my clients all over the world, I teach a simple but hugely powerful techniques that you can use to set-up any meeting for success within the first 5 minutes.

It’s linked to the concept of helping prospective clients and customers make decisions that we discussed in module 19.

It’s extremely logical and sensible, yet most people don’t know about it or even worse, they know about it but don’t use it.

I’ll share it in this module and combined with the concept from module 19 you’ll be equipped to outsell even your best competitors.