Small Business Multiplier – Module 22: How to Present Anything in Just 5 Slides

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Welcome to module 22.

At some point in the sales process, once you’ve identified and agreed the needs or requirements of the prospective client or customer, you’ve clarified their decision making process, ascertained their budget, and understood any other context and constraints, you’ll need to make your pitch.

In a consumer situation, such as in retail, this may simply involve recommending a product or series of products from which to choose. In a business to business context, particularly in a complex sale, with multiple decision makers, it can involve a presentation or pitch.

I want to focus on the latter as this technique is most helpful in a business to business context. That said, the same rules apply when it comes to any pitch – they just need to be adjusted and adapted.

In my consulting business I regularly coach teams that are preparing for major presentations. They maybe have an hour with the client, and when I first arrive on the scene, it’s not uncommon to find that they have prepared a 70+ slide presentation in PowerPoint – think about it, that’s less than a minute per slide with NO time for discussion or questions.

If you’ve ever heard the expression ‘death by PowerPoint’, this is what it means. You’ll simply bore your audience with this approach.

I’ll teach you in this module, how to present pretty much anything in a powerful and compelling way in just 5 slides or handouts.

It’s a proven process based on a powerful psychological approach, and I’m sure you’ll love it!