Small Business Multiplier – Module 23: Stand and Deliver (The Art and Science of Public Speaking)

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Hi, and welcome to module 23.

This session is dedicated to those times, and most of us will face them at some time in our business lives, when we need to address a group of people, whether it’s a small Chamber of Commerce or Networking Group session, or a larger event.

Public Speaking strikes fear into the heart of many people, particularly if this is not something they have to do regularly. I certainly remember the first major presentation I had to make.

It was back in the days when I was leading marketing for a major brewer and I was asked to speak at the prestigious ‘Off-Licence News’ annual event in a famous London Hotel on Park Lane.

People were paying to attend – and I was terrified.

A lot has happened since then and I regularly give keynote speeches to global audiences of 100 people, 200 people, or more.

What I have learned, the hard and slow way, is that there are only a few critical elements that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary, particularly when you see and hear a presentation through the eyes and ears of the audience.

In the last decade we have seen the emergence of ‘TED’ talks and there are some amazing You Tube videos of mesmerising talks that follow some of these key principles.

So, let’s concentrate on how you can give a great talk like or presentation and engage with your audience.

Like all of the success techniques in this programme, this is teachable, learnable, and extremely powerful.