Small Business Multiplier – Module 24: Growing for Years to Come

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Hello, and welcome to module 24.

This is the final module of the programme and it’s of critical importance if you are serious about growing your business. There are two subjects to cover:

  1. Achieving customer satisfaction; and
  2. Ongoing growth is an ongoing cycle.

We’ve touched on the subject of customer service a number of times during the programme so far, and you should readily acknowledge that it is easier to do business with somebody who you have successfully provided products or services to in the past, than to rely solely on finding new customers or clients.

Two of the key levers of the Small Business Multiplier involve increasing the average transaction value (spend) and increasing the frequency of purchase. You’ll have seen this as you analysed your own business and developed your 2-hour plan for growth.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of this concept, yet very few business owners, in my experience, deliberately and repeatedly seek feedback.

I have explored with many business owners and sales people. Remarkably, or maybe not surprisingly, they often tell me on of two things:

  1. It’s too hard (clients don’t respond, or clients don’t like it); or
  2. I don’t have time (it takes too long, and so on).

You need feedback. So, let’s finish the programme by enabling you to get a read-out on your customers perspectives on your service by leveraging the world’s best known technique. It’s effective, simple, quick – and it involves just 1 key question.

I’ll show you how you can leverage the technique, and how you can ask for feedback after every sales, or conduct a wider customer survey. Then, I’ll close by discussing and encouraging you to think of the life of your business as a constant cycle of growth. I’ll share with you how to use the Know, Grow, Sustain approach to keep on growing for years to come.

Let’s commit to making your business the best it can be – in the eyes of the people that keep it thriving… your customers or clients!