Small Business Multiplier – Module 4: Defining Your USP

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This page allows you to preview Module 4 of the Small business multiplier. This module is about identifying the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your business. This is the thing that makes your business different from your competitors, and is an essential consideration if you’re planning to do any marketing activity. All successful businesses have one, so in the Module 4 workbook I will help you to define yours.

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Hello, and welcome to module 4.

By now you will have been introduced to the foundation mind sets of the programme. You should have completed the health check for your business, set some modest but effective targets and established what you will measure to chart your success.

If you have done this, you are probably thinking, “OK I have done some useful preparation… but what next?”

In this module we’ll start to look at some of the tools and techniques you’ll need in order to start or accelerate the growth journey.

I want to start by asking you to think about the last significant purchase you made. Maybe it was a house, a boat, a car, a new kitchen – maybe just a fridge freezer or laptop. As you were considering the various options open to you…

  • what was the final deciding factor?
  • What was the single thing that persuaded you to choose the brand, the model, or even the store or stockist you purchased it from?

Now put yourself in the shoes of a prospective client or customer for your business. Let’s say they have never dealt with you or your business before… They will need to assess risks and then have to make a conscious decision to deal with you.

When everything appears to be equal, What will swing it your way?

I guess what I am asking is what makes your business unique and causes it to stand out from your local, national or global competitors. What is your Unique Selling Proposition or USP?

In the workbook for this module I’ll challenge you to think about what really differentiates your business, and give you a tool to create your own USP in one or two sentences only. This will then form a critical foundation for all of your marketing and sales efforts and ensure you stand out from your competitors every time!

I’ll see you next time, when we’ll start to look at 18 different ways to attract new customers or clients and leverage your USP.