Small Business Multiplier – Module 5: Offline Lead Generation Techniques

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This page allows you to preview Module 5 of the Small business multiplier. By module 5 you should already have a really good idea of what needs to be done in order to grow your business. One of the biggest tasks ahead of you is to find lots of potential new customers. That’s why the next four modules are dedicated to marketing your business. In this one, we start to take a look at marketing techniques that don’t rely on the internet – offline lead generation techniques.

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Hi, welcome to module 5.

Having created a Unique Selling Proposition for your business or professional practice, you have a simple but strong statement that differentiates your business.

The key now is to leverage this USP in all of your marketing and sales activity. You’ll instinctively know when and where to feature the USP as we work through the various ways I’ll teach you to attract new prospects and convert them into clients or customers that will stay loyal for years and use your products or services over and over again… Assuming of course, that you give great service and value.

In modules 5 and 6, I want to introduce you to 18 different ways that you can consider to attract new prospective customers or clients to your business. Attracting new customers is the ‘life blood’ of any new business revenue and profit growth. There’s a lot to cover so we’ll look at the traditional or ‘offline’ methods in this module and next time we’ll look at the online techniques.

Some of these marketing approaches will be familiar to you, and some you’ll already be using in your business. If you are, the two questions I would ask you are:

  • “Are you using them well?” and
  • “Are they giving you a good return on your investment?”

Now let’s ‘get real’ about these approaches… Not every approach will be suited for your business. You’ll need to trial some, measure the results and make choices based on what works best.

Also, keep in mind that because your business is unique, you’ll have to adapt these techniques to suit your particular market and service or products.

I’ll show you what works – what good looks like, but you’ll have to translate this to suit your business and your budget.

In the workbook for this module I’ll ask you to construct a new advert for your business using the principles I’ll share and consider 1-2 new approaches in addition to what you already do, and see what works best.

I’ll see you next time… when we’ll look at the online world.

Bye for now…