Small Business Multiplier – Module 6: Offline lead generation techniques (part 2)

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This page allows you to preview Module 6 of the Small business multiplier. This module is “part 2” of our exploration of marketing techniques that do not rely on the internet (e.g. direct mail, printed advertising) and will allow you to continue building a marketing plan that uses a broad range of channels to promote your business.

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Hi, welcome to module 6.

In the last module we focused on advertising and looked at some key principles to make your adverts stand out from the crowd.

Just by ensuring you have a compelling headline, attractive benefits, a strong offer, a call to action and the right contact information you will set yourself aside from your competition… and don’t forget to incorporate your USP!

Hopefully some of the other techniques were also of interest and potentially applicable to your own business.

I want to cover the remaining offline techniques in this module and once again you’ll need to take the theory and judge whether they are applicable for your business, and how you will adapt them to your reality.

In the workbook for this module I’ll ask you to construct a press release for your business.

Press releases are a straightforward and FREE way to get exposure for your business. If you get articles published they can be used in your marketing and sales activities to provide even more credibility.

I’ll see you next time… when we’ll look at the online world.

Bye for now…