Small Business Multiplier – Module 7: Online Lead Generation 1

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This page allows you to preview Module 7 of the Small business multiplier. By module 5 you should already have a really good idea of what needs to be done in order to grow your business. One of the biggest tasks ahead of you is to find lots of potential new customers. That’s why the next four modules are dedicated to marketing your business. In this one, we start to take a look at marketing techniques that don’t rely on the internet – offline lead generation techniques.

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Hello again,

Well hopefully modules five and six opened your mind to new approaches to find new prospective customers or clients. In particular you should have had the opportunity to rethink your advertising and maybe consider one or two new approaches that you can adopt and use.

Remember to incorporate your unique selling proposition, your USP into every approach that you try. In this module were going to move from the more traditional offline approaches to getting new leads, and consider another range of options this time online.

Many of these approaches are still evolving. So I aim to give you an insight to each of them and encourage you to do more research to satisfy your own curiosity and in a way that's appropriate for your business.

When it comes to these approaches I must confess that I'm a big fan of outsourcing them to experts in their field. So I'll share with you how to go about that in a cost effective way too.

What we are talking about here is your website and digital marketing techniques to drive visitors to your site,to call you, or to call in. Digital marketing falls into two broad categories

  1. Inbound, and
  2. Outbound

I hope that you'll find these approaches interesting and I'll look forward to next time when we'll look at converting new leads in profitable sales and revenue.