Small Business Multiplier – Module 9: Converting New Leads into Sales and Revenue

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This page allows you to preview Module 9 of the Small business multiplier. Having looked at a number of possible marketing channels for your business in the previous four modules, we’ll now look at how you can effectively convert potential customers (people who have enquired about your business as a result of your marketing) into paying customers.

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Hi there.

We are now well into the foundation stage of the programme, having looked at foundation principles, carried out a health check on your business, developed your KPI's and your Unique Selling Proposition, and looked at no less than 18 ways to generate new prospective clients or customers.

The rest of the foundation stage of the programme focuses on the remaining fundamentals of the Small Business Multiplier focused on:

  • How you convert new leads;
  • How you get clients or customers to buy more or more often; and
  • Reducing  operating costs.

We're working in the first half of the programme towards module 12, where you pull everything together into a two-hour plan.

Then, in the second half of the program we'll focus on advanced techniques particularly sales skills.

In this module I want to start looking at how you can convert more prospects into profitable clients or customers. There are 8 ideas that we'll cover, including risk reversal and creating loss leading activities.

By the time that you get to the end of the module I expect there'll be 2-3 new things that will help you to get better at converting leads.

So have fun with these and in the next module we'll look at getting clients to buy more or to buy more often.

See you soon.