How To Grow My Business

How To Grow My Business Is An Area Where I Need Help!

How to grow my business is something many business owners aspire to, but aren’t sure how to plan it or where to go for help, advice and tips. Once you have been trading for several years, and turnover settled after the initial ups and downs, you may classify it as a small-scale win. But you would still like to grow the business and be in a position where you’re able to say you really know how to be successful in business. Perhaps you feel like you’ve been 'winging it' so far. But the work keeps coming in and you feel there’s something further you need to do to cope with increased demand.

Do You Think You Should Know How To Be Successful In Business?

Are you at the point where you’re beginning to look for ways to grow your business? Having worked in your chosen sector for many years, you may have begun to think you could do better working for yourself. In need of a change, you decided to start your own business and build it up as you went along. Networking in your corporate roles may have garnered you a few contacts who followed you when you started up. This was one of the ways your company began to achieve its early targets and become successful. Developing the business in small steps attracted new customers, mainly by word of mouth. Inevitably, you lost a few customers, but they were more than made up for by new people. You may say to yourself “Now I need to know how to grow a business, but I don't feel confident that I can succeed. I’m not really sure what is involved – everything’s been ad hoc so far”. How do you raise the money you need? Do you really have the skills necessary to pull it off successfully? Lots of people may have offered to help, from the bank manager and accountants to family and friends, but do the bank or the accountants have a vested interest? Are family and friends really knowledgeable enough to be of any real assistance? It’s time to ask “who should I trust to help me grow my business?” There is so much information about, you might not know which way to turn to get the best, most reliable advice and tips.

There Are Many Ways To Grow A Business

You could put your trust in advice and tips offered by the bank or accountants. You could listen to family and friends, or you could even consider using the information in that complicated article you found online. If you are feeling 'flush' and have plenty of spare money in the business, you could even hire a consultant to plan the development of your company for you. However it is likely to cost a packet to hire consultants who really know what they are doing. Even then, will they have the passion for the business that you have? How will you know if they are giving decent advice and making sensible decisions? It is surely much better to learn how to grow your small business for yourself so that you can make decisions about the direction, speed and size of growth at your own pace. After all, it’s said that successful business professionals are not born that way. They learn because they want to. You’ve proven you have the skills in your own market; now it is time to apply yourself to the fundamental business skills that will keep your business moving forward. You need a set of business techniques and tools to use alongside your chosen sector knowledge. When you are looking at ways to grow a business, you require knowledge covering a range of topics such as marketing, sales and cost containment. Understanding why many SMEs fail at the growth stage will help you avoid the pitfalls. All this can be at your fingertips when you work with I-Thrive.

Will I-Thrive Show Me How To Grow My Business?

“Can I-Thrive show me how to grow my business?” We definitely can! At I-Thrive, we have developed an online course containing a unique set of techniques, skills and tools designed to show you how to be successful in business. We are so confident in our methodology that we expect you will able to see business growth within six months. Download the course outline free at and see what you think. The course is designed to be affordable to all; and there are further free resources elsewhere on the website. To discuss before you commit, feel free to contact us via our web form or phone 01223 967260.