How To Grow My Small Business

How To Grow My Small Business - Why De-Stressing Is Good For Business

How to grow my small business… Just asking the question can make business owners worried and cause them to feel anxious and stressed. Can how the owner feels really make a difference in the day to day running of the company itself? If so, is there any way to de-stress and grow the business instead?

It’s true that the feelings, emotions and physical and mental health of the business owner can play a part in how the company runs. Many business owners admit that maintaining a good – or even growing a great – business, yet always asking how to grow my business is a never-ending loop that simply adds stress on to the normal working day. Studies have shown that managing a business can be even more stressful than raising children or keeping a relationship together. Also, the work involved in running a business makes many owners neglect looking after themselves, for instance foregoing the gym or other exercise, citing that they are too busy. They want to know how to be successful in business but don’t consider that their health is just as important. Without them, the business might not run as well. In order to run a business well, you need to be happy, healthy and motivated. You should also be a positive role model for anyone who works for you, setting the tone. Therefore, it makes sense to keep healthy and exercise, and to take time out for yourself when it all starts to get too much. Once you take care of yourself, you’ll find it easier to help your business grow.

How to grow my small business can be a stressful question, and stress can create problems in business. Speak to I-Thrive to find out how to help yourself and your business at the same time. We can offer advice, training and someone to talk to. Call us on 01223 967260 or simply head to our website ( for more info.