How To Grow Your Small Business

How To Grow Your Small Business - The Most Surprising Way To Grow

How to grow your small business is one of the hardest questions in business. It is difficult to know sometimes whether the direction you’re heading in is the right one. Growing is always good though – and there are some surprising ways to do it. Some of them you may not even have thought of.

A referral scheme might not sound particularly revolutionary, or even that exciting, but if you are asking yourself how to grow my business then this could be the answer you’ve been looking for. A referral scheme is, in its simplest form, a way to reward customers for telling others about you and the services or products you offer. Most of the time, you will give your customers something in return for doing this if the person they referred onto you then buys something from you. If the reward is of great enough value to the customer, and if the service they have received is good enough, they are usually more than happy to let other people know about you. It’s not easy to recognise ways to know how to be successful in business but this is one way to tell everyone that you are. Other methods to ensure that your customers refer you without you need to reward them after the fact is to ‘reward’ them beforehand. What this means is giving them such a good service – as standard – that they can’t help but tell people about you. If the service is what you always do anyway, then you won’t be spending any additional money in return for their word of mouth referral.

Referrals can be an excellent way to ensure that your business’ name and services are spread to the wider population in a good way. Ask I-Thrive how to grow your small business on 01223 967260 or through and find out even more hints and tips about how to grow.