How to Let Go and Trust in Your Employees

Here’s a quick question – why did you start your business? Whilst there are many answers to this question, I feel certain that nobody would answer that they wanted to do the same busy work that they could do for any other company. Yet so many business owners find that, in starting a business, all they have done is to create another job for themselves. And the hours are much longer.  

Learning how to trust in your employees is vital if you ever plan to stop doing the day-to-day fire-fighting in your business and start thinking about long-term growth. Once you know you can step away from the front lines, you can shift your focus onto the bigger picture and building success. So, here’s what you should do:  

Keep Employees Informed

The easiest way to ensure employees can successfully take the reins is to clearly show them where you want your company to go. There is no benefit to keeping any aspect of your mission statement to yourself. You will only isolate yourself as a manager and create a block between the company and its employees that will stifle their motivation and hinder their initiative as they repeatedly look to you for guidance.  

Instead, by engaging with your employees and letting them share in the overall goals of your business, you will find your staff become more dedicated to their work. Once employees understand the objectives and nature of the business, they will solve problems themselves and contribute towards developing the success of the company because it is in their interests to ensure things go well.  

Give Your Employees Room

From the moment you start hiring for your company, you should be providing them ample opportunities to make decisions by themselves. This is good not only for you to see the full capabilities of those you hire but also for them to see just what they are capable of.  

You should, obviously, provide support when needed. If an employee is stuck for an effective solution, they should feel free to come to you for advice. Your guidance will prevent serious problems arising and help team members develop the experience and skills to handle similar problems in the future. Even simply telling them you will trust their instinct can be the boost in confidence they need to succeed.  

By letting them know their opinion is both valued and trusted to make a difference, you establish a stronger connection between your staff and the company. Mistakes may be made early on but, overall, your staff will grow into new responsibilities and become more invested in working for you and more loyal to the company. This small gesture of trust becomes the root of greater levels of trust that will form the core of your business’ future success.  

Encourage and Develop

You will hesitate to delegate tasks to your team if you feel that they are not confident. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a business owner to help your staff build their confidence. This is why positive encouragement is so key to management. If a mistake is made, it is much better to promote what can be learned from mistakes rather than punishing for what went wrong. Showing this support will ensure your employees do not shy away from risks in the future, which is important for them to effectively take charge. Good management will often involve risk, and it is important that you can give your team a sense of certainty for when they face a risky decision.  

Further encouragement should come from promoting learning within your team. You should support employee development as it will always benefit you and the business. Not only does investing in staff development ensure they gain the skills needed to succeed but it demonstrates their importance to you and the company and helps them feel valued.  

Hopefully, by taking heed of this advice, you will quickly see that your staff can fend for themselves. Once they are in control of managing the everyday work that goes on in your business, you can switch your focus to the bigger picture and long term success.