How To Make A Business Successful

How To Make A Business Successful - How Can You Prevent Theft In Your Business?

How to make a business successful is a question that needs to be answered before a business can grow. One of the problems affecting small businesses and preventing them from growing as they should is theft. How is it possible to prevent theft and increase sales? What can be done?

Shoplifting can be a serious problem for small businesses, and it can make a big dent in their bottom line. If you want to know how to make a successful business, you will need to have a strategy to prevent such thefts. Training your employees to spot someone who might be a shoplifter is an important part of this strategy. There are specific things to look out for including nervousness; avoiding eye contact; wandering aimlessly around the shop without buying anything; and leaving then returning soon afterwards. Looking for employees but not seeking anyone out, and looking for cameras and surveillance are other signs. Employees should be alert at all times and greet all customers. They should ask anyone wandering or lingering whether they need help. They should air any suspicions with other employees so that more than one person is aware of the potential theft situation. Once an employee spots a theft, they should ask whether they can help, perhaps offering to put the item through or asking whether there was anything else they wanted. Adding a sign that proclaims all shoplifters will be prosecuted may not prevent theft, but it will alert those intending to steal that you will be watching. It will take experience in learning how to be successful in business, but if you can stop theft it will certainly contribute.

Theft is just one concern that small business owners have; at I-Thrive we know there are many more, but our mission is to teach business owners how to make a business successful. Our expert team has all the advice you need; contact us on 01223 967260, or see our website ( for more information.