How To Make A Successful Business

How To Make A Successful Business By Empowering Its Leader

How to make a successful business has been a topic of much debate throughout the UK government and business schools and between business leaders. The discussion has focussed on how to remove perceived barriers to the success and growth of small businesses. Two main areas have been identified as needing significant intervention. These are increasing the flow of finance to small businesses in the form of loans and other funding mechanisms; and improving business skills and entrepreneurship in the community. Resources showing business leaders how to be successful in business have been developed, empowering them to more successfully manage and grow their companies.

Showing Small Business Leaders How To Be Successful In Business

Business professionals are now starting to recognise that providing guidance on how to make a small business successful will empower any entrepreneur to more successfully run and grow a business. Part of this strategy is also a move to include entrepreneurship in the school curriculum. This is not wholly an altruistic move by the current business community. Increasing the available supplier base, whether in products or services, increases competition. According to the free market philosophy, this will concurrently reduce prices. Similarly, increasing the number of successful businesses will increase the potential number of customers for their products and/ or services. Whatever the motivation of the business community, there is little doubt that access to information about how to make a successful small business advice UK can create better business leaders. Unfortunately, the advice, tips and guidance available are of variable quality, and it is left to the small business leaders themselves to source what they consider to be high quality information. Recent surveys of current small business owners have shown that many have become disillusioned with available advice about how to make a successful business. Reasons given include the information being too specific; including too much jargon; being long and unintelligible; or simply that it meant owners had to take precious time away from their business. They also noted it was often too theoretical and could not be applied in the real life business situations they faced daily. Nor did it appear to offer any steps to help development of business plans or processes.

SME Owners Need Quality Information About How To Make A Business Successful

What small business owners really need, therefore, is access to good quality information about how to make a business successful. They need to be able to access it before they have waded through a number of poorer quality articles, tools and courses which, in their experience, have not 'worked' and have deterred them from further training. Evidence from many sources including government surveys, business school research and business associations show that when SME owners have access to high quality information, they become better business leaders. They demonstrate the ability to better navigate their businesses through changes in the world market and better plan the growth and development of their firms. Their companies grow in a more sustainable way with better cash flow; more efficient use of financial and human resources; and better provision of products and services to their customers. This kind of resource and training has only thus far been available to large companies who can pay for expert consultants and make significant investments in management and staff training and development. Until now, this level of training and guidance has been denied to the vast majority of small business owners and professionals at an affordable, economic price. Good quality information about how to make small business successful takes a pragmatic approach. It balances fundamental business skills training with a combination of tools, techniques and skills which can be quickly applied to a business in any sector. This type of reliable, efficacious and applicable information is offered by I-Thrive.

How To Make A Successful Business: I-Thrive Resources Make Business Leaders Better

The mission I-Thrive has set itself is to bring resources which develop fundamental business skills and techniques to small business owners and professionals. Our courses, exemplified by our 'Small Business Multiplier' programme, focus on showing business leaders how to make a successful business. They include tools, techniques and skills designed to produce measurable business growth quickly. View details of our programmes and sign up at, where you can download a free course outline. We always welcome your input: please contact us on 01223 967260 or fill in our form online. We want all small business owners to know how to be successful in business.