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London Business Advice - Facts About Businesses In London

London business advice is essential for any small business working and growing in the capital. London based businesses will inevitably compete with many others for a spot at the top, and the right advice is important. What are some of the facts and figures about growing a business in London?

It is interesting to see how business in London might differ from the rest of the UK. Whether you want to know how to be successful in business in the capital or elsewhere, these facts could prove useful. The City of London – also known as The Square Mile – has the highest number of growing small businesses in the country. After the City of London, it is South London that comes in second for number of small businesses. Why is London such a popular place to run a business? It could be because of the opportunities there – more footfall, more customers, more prestigious addresses and so on. What area you choose is important too. West London, for instance, is home to the highest number of people of working age, and therefore is a good source of employees, only needing a small commute into Central London. East London has the lowest number of graduates overall, while North London has the lowest average salary. Small business advice UK wide can include topics about where to grow a business, and if London is your preferred location then it could be a good choice for a variety of reasons. Wherever you choose to locate your business – even if only online – you should always carry out detailed research on demographics in the area before you commit to anything.

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