Make Your Marketing Work in the Real World

With so many new avenues to explore through the internet, it is little wonder that so much business promotion is now done online. Despite this, physical marketing still has a lot to offer the growing business and allows you far more room to be creative and unique. Offline promotion can provide you a much more direct communication and, done right, could help build even stronger connections than you could with online promotional activity.  

Your biggest promotional asset out in the real world is something every manager and entrepreneur should keep in their pocket at all times. A good business card should do more than simply pass your contact details on at conferences. It should be designed to grab attention and show off the brand image of your business to as many people as possible. You should make sure to leave one on any local bulletin board and any other public place where potential customers may find them. Anyone you speak to about your business should be given a card. You should even leave one with your tip at a restaurant. A business card is your simplest and easiest guerrilla marketing technique and you should make the most of it.  

Making an impact on your local area is a massive advantage that offline marketing has over online materials. Small businesses should naturally be building their reputation locally as a base for success. Sponsoring the local sports team or any public events will make your name recognisable to the community and help to build your local presence in a positive light. Also, helping out with local charity events; donating products or services for prizes, you can build a great local profile for your business and gain new customers at the same time. Your local area can also be a fantastic resource. Holding competitions within the local community for new product ideas or image concepts will help you keep your company fresh whilst building interest in your business at the same time.  

This effort in your local area should always be supported by news coverage to fully boost the impact your promotion will make. Getting in contact with local media via press release is still an effective way of bringing your company into the spotlight, and you should make sure you know how to effectively write up these press releases to properly grab this attention. But, at the same time, companies are finding more and more unique ways to draw this coverage.Think of all the creative guerrilla campaigns have you seen make the news or trend on social media because of how they manipulate the everyday things in our daily lives. A creative campaign that causes a stir in the physical world can be just as good as an expertly written press release.  

Every entrepreneur aims to generate word of mouth because they know that growth and success will build along with it. Internet marketing might offer creative ways to direct people to your products, but by making your physical presence really memorable, you ensure interest and excitement in your company as a whole. This need not require hefty budgets. There have been a number of campaigns that cost relatively little but have stood out dramatically to create a lasting image in people’s minds. People get used to online adverts and often ignore them, but as long as you can make your name a unique part of the local landscape, you will gain attention.