Managing Your Google Profile with Google My Business

As far as marketing tools go, there aren’t many things better than Google. Just being top of a search ranking can boost business to no end. This has seen a boon in SEO focused companies offering to help you onto Google’s front page.  

Recently, Google have introduced a new add-on to provide further support to local businesses. I’m sure you would have seen signs of Google My Business already. A new feature on search results for companies which takes the form of a small info box. This box tells Google’s users all it might want to know about a company, including the address and phone number of the nearest branch, website address, ratings and Google Maps for its location.  

This is, obviously, very useful for customers. They can quickly learn if the company is reliable, where it is located and an easy way to get in touch with that company. This information is shared through all of Google’s resources, including Maps and Google+, making it easy for your business to stay visible and for customers to have the right information to hand.  

Having this information so readily available works just as well as any advertising campaign for your business. Think about the difference between a bright and visible store front and a small obscure shop front. Which one would you be more likely to check out? Google My Business is similar. Without the info box next to a search result, your business can seem closed off and unapproachable. With it, you add an open and professional aspect to your online presence and will draw more visitors.  

But, these are just the basics. You also get the benefits of Google’s analytical tools to help keep an eye on how people find and interact with your business through Google. Good analysis should come with any marketing, so having this as part of Google My Business is a fantastic asset for a free tool. Following how customers interact with your business’ pages and what has proved popular allows you to better direct activity in the future. You also get an insight to how your company is found, allowing you to focus your marketing along the most popular searches.  

Google My Business also supports your business as it interacts with the customer base. The Google+ elements of the tool are there to help you build closer relationships with customers. It’s where you can give your business life.  

Google+ offers a quick and easy way for people to show their support for their favourite brands. By sharing new products and upcoming events through Google My Business, you reward these loyal customers with insider information and encourage this recommendation to new customers. You can also respond to feedback and other posts about your company’s products, as well as making the most of Hangouts to talk directly to customers about exciting news. This creates a more personal face to your business which will always help your reputation and is often reflected in positive reviews.  

The important benefit with Google My Business is its simplicity. It combines the best features of Google for businesses into a simple to use app that can be used wherever you are. All the data is stored in the same place allowing you to simply compare information between the analytical apps to your Google+ posts. This simplicity is evident in registration and set up. This guide helps you through getting your company onto Google My Business should you need the help.