Positive Customer Experiences – The Power of Wow

As we have explored before, unhappy customers can easily cause damage to a business if left unaddressed. Word can spread, reputations can be ruined and companies can soon find themselves losing business in the wake of negative perception.  

But, an experience that is simply “satisfactory” is no guarantee of success. You may have made a sale with the customer happy to have gotten what they wanted, but there is no certainty that these customers will return in the future. If you aren’t leaving a lasting image, what is it that will keep customers coming back for more?  

You should be aiming to wow. Give your customers an experience that doesn’t simply satisfy their basic needs but appeals to their emotional side as well. When customers are emotionally satisfied, they are not only more likely to be repeat customers but will also tend to make bigger purchases and more often. You’re also more likely to see them pass on the good news about how good your service is.  

Not convinced? Here are 4 knock on effects of each customer “wow:”  

1. They’ll Be Back

The difference between satisfied customers and wowed customers is that only the later has a reason to come back. If a customer comes to you for something and that something is all you give them then their business with you is done. They go home and the next time they need something they could just as easily turn to your competitors as return to you.  

If you wow a customer, they feel more attachment to your service and so, for their next purchase, they will have you at the front of their mind when looking for options. You will be a brand they connect to and see positively, making your other products all the more appealing.  

2. They’ll Tell Their Friends

Positive word of mouth is a business owner’s dream. Having your customers tell others about their positive experience with your company is more beneficial to you than any amount of marketing. And it doesn’t need to cost a penny.  

This is a good excuse for working on your social media sites. If you have a forum for helping the word spread, then you can boost the amount of recommendations and help your reputation improve in the public eye. Word of mouth is no longer just telling two friends. It is now a case of telling the world.  

3. They Will Help Boost Morale

In the middle of a long day, there is nothing better than hearing a customer wow. When you are working simply to satisfy, there is little to inspire you each day. You are simply carrying on regardless and, for employees especially, you can start to feel demotivated or apathetic towards the job at hand. Promoting a that positive culture and feeling the reward of the wow can make it all seem worth it and seem like things are going well.  

4. They Encourage Others

I’m sure you can think of an instance where you have met a negative customer. Often, the first thing that happens is that bad news is passed on, either as gossip or as part of a complaints procedure. The result is the team feels disheartened or cynical towards your customers. Imagine the effect if we spread positives the same way.  

If you were to highlight the wows your team receive it not only gives everyone a much needed sense of reward and recognition, but it sparks others on to get their own wow. If the positives are congratulated it helps your employees to recognise just why you are doing what you do and how good it feels to get it right.  

Ready To Wow?

Customer service that goes beyond simply being good or satisfactory is a sure fire way of boosting your business. It is also a simple way of giving your company a positive unique quality as it stands above the typical, satisfactory service that seems to be the norm. If you can ensure your business is always aiming for “above and beyond” you will see this reflected in growth and overall success.  

So, that is why a wow is worth the effort. Next time, we will go into what you can do to win that wow.