Dilys Day, BSc (Hons), MIC, MCIM

As a business advisor, I know that a personal approach is often the best way to help people. Having seen this programme though, I was totally engaged. It’s like having your own advisor on your PC with clear, honest, advice. I don’t want to do myself out of a job, but I love it!

Helen Durrant, Socially Savvy.

The insights the programme has given me into making my business work better have been amazing. I am already making changes and seeing the benefits.

Katelyn Head, Cambridgeshire

The programme is terrific. Easy to read, easy to understand. We are past the start-up stage now, but want to grow quickly. The advice is invaluable, especially the marketing section.

David Battams, Cambridgeshire

I have benefited from Les’s wisdom and insight over the past years with my fitness training and property businesses. I can’t praise him enough for his incisive thinking and pragmatic approach.