iThrive is working with these small businesses

The iThrive mission is to bring business skills and techniques to small business owners and professionals in an affordable way. Here are some of the people we have already worked with:


Dilys Day, BSc (Hons), MIC, MCIM

As a business advisor, I know that a personal approach is often the best way to help people. Having seen this programme though, I was totally engaged. It’s like having your own advisor on your PC with clear, honest, advice. I don’t want to do myself out of a job, but I love it! Read More

Helen Durrant, Socially Savvy.

The insights the programme has given me into making my business work better have been amazing. I am already making changes and seeing the benefits. Read More

Katelyn Head, Cambridgeshire

The programme is terrific. Easy to read, easy to understand. We are past the start-up stage now, but want to grow quickly. The advice is invaluable, especially the marketing section. Read More

David Battams, Cambridgeshire

I have benefited from Les’s wisdom and insight over the past years with my fitness training and property businesses. I can’t praise him enough for his incisive thinking and pragmatic approach. Read More