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Small Business Help And Advice - What Are The Best Ways To Advertise?

Small business help and advice can come in many forms and it can be about many things. Perhaps the most popular piece of advice to both give and receive is about advertising. What are the best ways to market a small business? What works and what should be avoided?

Firstly, advertising doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It can be inexpensive or even free. But even if it is free, if it isn’t going to offer help for small businesses then it is best avoided, as it is simply going to take up too much of your time. Social media is a great, fairly inexpensive way to advertise - although you should still budget for it - and learn how to be successful in business. Set up a Facebook page or Twitter account and promote your posts and tweets. This can cost very little, but it allows more people to see what you are saying and interact with you, hopefully encouraging them to spend money with you. Sponsorship is another great way to get your small business noticed. Contact a local youth sports team, for example, and offer to sponsor their new sports kit. Your company name, logo and email address will be on display for all to see at every game. Using a blog to advertise your business is another free way to get noticed. Writing a blog every week keeps the content on your site fresh, which is good for search engines, and it also keeps people engaged. Why not offer competitions through your blog posts?

If advertising is a concern and you aren’t sure how to get the right small business help and advice in this respect, contact I-Thrive. With years of experience in helping small businesses and expert knowledge and understanding, we can show you the options available to your business. Our number is 01223 967260, and our website can be found at