UK Small Business Advice

UK Small Business Advice - How Much Money Do You Need To Grow A Small Business?

UK small business advice can include information on everything from branding to finance. It is an important – some would say essential – part of running a business. Asking for help is how businesses grow. Another important part of growing a business is money. How much do you really need?

The answer to this question is similar to the answer to how long is a piece of string. It all depends on the business you are running, and how much you want to invest in its growth. Having lots of money is not necessarily how to be successful in business. It will help, certainly, but it is entirely possible to grow a lucrative and successful business without much capital at all if you need to expand. The easiest way to answer the question is to ask another: how much money do you really need? To answer this, you may need small business advice UK, as it all comes down to various different elements. You need to know what your growth costs will be. These costs include items such as legal fees, rent, branding, advertising, licences, equipment, and having money in the bank in order to continue. It may be possible to grow without paying for all this, but it will be easier with them. After this, you will need to have a good idea of the monthly running costs for your business. These are likely to grow as your business does. These include more rent, rates, taxes, salaries, stock and inventory, stationery costs and even food and drink. And of course, further advertising.

Once you have decided on how much money to spend on growth, you may still have the need for UK small business advice. This is the perfect time to contact I-Thrive on either 01223 967260 or through our informative website at Our expertise can help you succeed.