A “Wow-to” Guide to Customer Experience

We talked before about the benefits of aiming for a ‘wow’ when approaching your customers and clients. Your customers should leave having experienced service that goes beyond satisfactory and leaves a lasting impression that will be recommended to others. Just how to go about this is simple, considering how often customer service is left as an afterthought. To really go for that wow, however, you should be focusing on making the following practices part of your daily customer experience routine:

Put on a Spread

The first meeting with a client or customer can make or break your chances of future business with them. It is important to go that extra mile in welcoming them and making them comfortable in talking and doing business with you. And, nothing says ‘welcome’ like laying on refreshments.

It doesn’t have to be tea at the Ritz. Just ensuring you have some fresh tea or coffee ready for their arrival will certainly help to put customers in a good mood. A couple of chocolate biscuits or a cake to add on the side would certainly go a long way to winning that wow. It shows you have the customer’s considerations at heart and a professionalism to your company that will be sure to impress.

Make It Personal

If your business is based on customer service then you should not be skimping on communicating to your customers. You need to have every possible point of contact be with a friendly face (or avatar, in the case of social media).

Having a receptionist to greet visitors to your building is seen as a must for many companies whilst, at the same time, leaving other communication points to be automated. If a customer makes a call to your company only to be met by another robot voice, then you fail to stand out. Have a friendly voice there to answer their questions and put them through to the right contact and the customer feels the connection and appreciates your business more.

This is the same with online communication. Avoiding automated replies and templates in emails and tweets will help you put forward a friendly image and adds the personal touch to your contact with customers. A definite start on getting a wow.

And Make it Prompt

Just as no-one appreciates an inanimate response, no-one appreciates a response that takes forever to come, either. Again, if your business relies on customer service, you need to put the extra effort and resources in to get that wow factor.

If you receive a message from a customer, you should be looking to respond within a few hours at most. Prompt response not only shows an attentiveness and a dedication to providing for the customer as a top priority, it also leaves less time for these customers to think of looking elsewhere. If a customer is left waiting too long for their needs to be met then it doesn’t matter how good the product you sell is, the customer will be put off returning by the long delays. A quick response, on the other hand, is sure to wow them.

Under Promise, Then Over Deliver

Getting a wow is not about promising the Earth because, a lot of the time, that just isn’t possible. If you promise too much, you are leaving yourself open to disappointing the customer. This will tarnish the positive service you may have provided up to that point.

Be realistic with your offering. If your normal wait for goods is a certain time or you tend to have a service completed within a certain time frame then only promise what you know you can do. Then, if you do manage to beat your average or get lucky with an early delivery, it looks all the better for you. Wow customers with what you do, not what you say, and you will keep customer experiences high.

Stay Flexible

You should always do your best to offer a solution. Approach customer service with the mentality of “providing for customers, no matter what.” Your customers will appreciate the effort you put in and will know they can rely on your business as problem-solvers. You don’t get wows by giving up at the first hurdle.

Sometimes, you just can’t help with a problem. This is a fact of life and most, if not all customers will understand. But, you can still face this problem and come away with a wow. It’s all about attitude.

If you truly cannot solve a problem then you need to do more than simply be upfront and honest. Customers may understand, but they will not be wowed. Make recommendations that will help customers find what they need, even if that means directing them to a rival. Your efforts will still be appreciated and you will have shown commitment to good customer service whatever it takes. That means a definite wow.

Make these ideas principles for your customer service and you will soon be wowing customers on a daily basis. You will quickly see the power of wow for yourself and the boost to morale that a service of wowing can provide in a workplace. So, get out there and wow them.